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Assistance For Caregivers

Caregiver Support Services

Caregiving simply means the act of helping another person who is not able to care for themselves. This can be temporary or ongoing, and the level of care needed may change over time.

Informal Caregiving means providing unpaid assistance to another individual. The vast majority of care is provided by an informal caregiver.  In-home or respite funds may be available for those who qualify.

Caregivers are empowered in their role when they are aware of available resources and have a thorough understanding of the particular health issues of the individual they are assisting.

For further information contact (804) 343-3000 and ask for Caregiver Support.

Caregiver Resources

Training Opportunities Educational Videos contains seven brief video segments plus an introduction from Alzheimer’s activist Patti Davis, the daughter of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Each video features a problematic behavior with the following general format:

  • Behavior of person with dementia with the usual caregiver response
  • Expert analysis and explanation of behavior with tips to identify and eliminate triggers and suggestions for redirection
  • Response of caregiver showing tips in action