Senior Employment

Many older adults continue to work out of economic necessity. Barriers to older workers that have been in the workplace will need to be diminished as shifts in workforce demographics take place.

Older workers with high education or technical skills will probably continue to be in demand as long as they maintain or upgrade their skills as appropriate. But those without higher education may find it increasingly difficult to compete in the labor market and may turn to public employment and training programs for assistance.

Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging offers two Employment Assistance Programs for individuals age 55 and older interested in re-entering the workforce:

(1) The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides short-term work experience for income-eligible persons age 55 and older. The program helps seniors find permanent employment by upgrading old skills or learning new ones. SCSEP matches skills, background, and interests with job openings at businesses and agencies.

ATTENTION JOB SEEKERS: If you or someone you know is interested in this program, please call (804) 343-3000 and ask for Senior Employment Services.

(2) The Job Referral File is a service provided for job seekers age 60 and older and looking for a job. A Referral File is kept on those seeking full or part-time employment. When an employer calls Senior Connections looking for an experienced and qualified applicant for a job opening, participants from the Job Referral File are matched with the job's requirements, and an interview is arranged.

Businesses are realizing there exists a large untapped resource in the employee applicant pool and those prospects are older workers. And, with an increased number of older adults remaining in the workforce, trends toward early retirement are beginning to reverse.

ATTENTION EMPLOYERS: If you have job openings that require an employee who is willing to work, can work well without close supervision, exhibits maturity in problem-solving and decision-making, please contact our Senior Employment Services Program (804) 343-3000 to list your job vacancies.