Retirement...Consider the Possibilities

Retirement and relaxation . . . ahhhh. But once you are “caught up” on everything you promised you would do, things can become a little boring. Retirement has always been the ultimate goal for the American worker, and is a reward for the years of work. People have seen retirement as a time when their lives become their own. Traditional notions of old age and retirement have become out-dated, as people live longer and enter old age in better health. Many are unwilling to withdraw, and sit in the “bleachers” to watch life pass them by.

Work at this stage in life is not always about money. What motivates people to continue work or search for new ways to fulfill their lives after retirement? One answer has to do with the meaning of work. For many, work is an important social environment.

Work at this phase can be creative and adventurous. It could mean working at a job you have always wanted to try. It could be providing comfort and support to an individual or group that you feel a sense of concern and interest in helping. Learning new skills is good brain exercise, and keeps your mind sharp.

The first thing you might want to do is make a few lists to get you thinking about the possibilities.

LIST 1 - Interests
Think about what interests you and whether or not you can relate your interests to a job. What about your hobbies or things that have fascinated you?

LIST 2 - Things I Am Good At
What things do you know you are really good at doing. Can these skills and special talents be applied to a job?

LIST 3 - Things That Do Not Interest Me
Take time to identify those things that bore you or do not interest you. You don’t want to end up spending your time doing something that you will not enjoy.

LIST 4 - Whom Do You Know?
You probably have many social contacts that could direct you to employment opportunities. What friends and acquaintances may be resources for you?

LIST 5 - What Kind Of Time Commitment Are You Interested In?
Retirement is a time to kick back and enjoy life. Consider how much time you realistically want to spend at a job, and how many days a week. Are you interested in full time, part time, seasonal employment, or a one-time project?

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