Transforming Perspectives


Transforming Perspectives Mural Project

This collaborative mural project aims to highlight the positive and transformative aspects of aging while increasing the awareness of senior issues and the resources available to help.

Senior Connections and Genworth partnered with local artist, Colleen Phelon Hall, who designed the mural by taking inspiration from her surveys and interviews with more than 170 seniors in the community.

Colleen divided the mural into 5x5 foot panels that were painted at 11 multi-generational paint parties in the community. Over 500 people, ages 2 to 102, helped to paint the mural panels. The mural was installed October 22, 2017.

Gathering Inspiration

Over 130 older adults in the community took part in an online survey that asked about the positive changes that they experienced with aging.  Colleen also conducted over 40 in person interviews to dig a little deeper. Respondents shared stories of freedom and autonomy of time. They were dynamic in their positivity and activity. Click here for more information 

Research and Design

Colleen compiled the research she had gathered and started to see 8 main themes emerge.  It seemed that greeting life and aging with Acceptance, a Positive AttitudeGratitude, Physical Activity, Mental CuriositySpiritualityConnection, and Kindness helped these older adults be happier and enjoy their lives. Her concept design reflected the sense of freedom and transformation that many respondents had expressed - hence the butterfly imagery.  The zen-like responses and unifying experience of life and aging inspired the use of the mandala.  Click here for more information


This project was designed to involve the community from start to finish. Using a special cloth process, Colleen was able to take the panels out to be painted at 11 Community Paint Parties around Richmond.  The goal was to bring people of all ages together to create this mural with meaning.  Over 515 participants, ages 2 to 102 were able to participate!  Click here for more.


After 11 paint parties, over 40 completed panels were brought together for the first time for the final installation.  The entire mural is over 1000 square feet.  It took three days to install.  On November 3, a celebration was held to "unveil" the mural to the community. Click here for more information.

Learn more about our artist, Colleen Phelon Hall and Genworth.